Prevent Google Chrome from running its bloatware on Windows


Unfortunately, the most popular web browser in the world — Google Chrome — has at least two useless bloatware tools which you can't delete or disable in its settings.


This tool collects an information about the software installed on your computer and reports to Google. It scans all disk volumes, not just the volume where Chrome is installed. You can't disable it, and if you delete it — Chrome will eventually download it again, and will do this silently.

You can prevent it from running with this trick.

Chrome Cleaner

Another useless scanner that loads your HDD or SSD, and according to some sources, even deletes some software it doesn't “like”. The difficulty lies in the fact that this tool has random filename each time it is downloaded by Chrome, so the trick I mentioned above won't help you. Its full path look like this:


There is another solution to prevent it from running. Find Chrome Cleaner executable, open its properties, go to security settings, edit file permissions and just deny permission to execute. This will prevent it from running.

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