Unzip files in Linux


Unlike tar and gzip, zip isn't included by default in Linux distributions (usually). Also creating zip arhives and extracting from them are made by different tools which should be installed independently.

So first thing you need is to install unzip tool.

CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora

yum install unzip

Debian, Ubuntu

apt install unzip

Now you can extract zip archive with a simple command:

unzip archive.zip

To extract a specific file use the following:

unzip archive.zip journal.txt

To extract a folder use:

unzip archive.zip blog

You can extract everything but some specific files. To exclude files or folders use -x switch with a list of names to exclude:

unzip archive.zip -x blog journal.txt

To extract zip archive into different directory use -d switch:

unzip archive.zip -d /home/sam/blog
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