Use include in YAML with PHP


You may want to split your large YAML file into smaller files and configure them to include each other. YAML doesn't support includes out-of-the-box.

However YAML does support user-defined tags, so if you're using YAML with PHP you can easily implement YAML includes by yourself:

function yaml_parse_file_inc($filename)
    return yaml_parse_file($filename, 0, $ndocs,
        '!include' => function($value, $tag, $flags) use($filename)
            $directory = dirname($filename);
            return yaml_parse_file_inc("$directory/$value");

$config = yaml_parse_file_inc('config.yaml');

Note that you should use the same function recursively inside the callback to make nested includes work. Now you can split your YAML files and keep your things neat:

    - css/style.css     # Just a string value
    - css/normalize.css # Just a string value

    desktop: !include templates/desktop.yaml # Include YAML from YAML
    mobile:  !include templates/mobile.yaml  # So you can YAML while you YAML ;)
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