PHP tags


By default, a PHP file is assumed as HTML-file. To run a script, you should put it inside special PHP tags, just like that:

        <title>My first PHP website</title>
            echo 'Hello PHP!';

In real-life websites you don't really mix HTML and PHP. Instead, you should keep pure PHP scripts and HTML templates separately. However for the learning purposes we will do it from time to time.

So, in the example above your PHP code surronded by PHP tags looks exactly like that:

    echo 'Hello PHP!';

echo is a function that prints a given value. In our case it's Hello PHP! string. Every PHP statement should end with a semicolon. And that's all we should learn in this lesson.

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Learning plan

Choose the best way to start, and let's start!
2. PHP tags
Embedding PHP script into HTML
The very basics of PHP variables
4. Arrays
The very basics of PHP arrays
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