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CRUD stands for “Create, Read, Update, Delete”. Those are four base types of queries which you use when deal with a database.

When you work with table data, you think of it in terms of data rows. A table's record is a data row. Within a query you can operate on a single row either multiple rows. You can consider this as follows: a table is an array of objects which have the same type. A row is an object and a column is an object field.

Now, before starting to master your SQL skills, you should learn about four SQL statements which you use for CRUD functions.

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Lesson 3
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Learning plan

What is SQL and what are we going to learn
What is a database and how to create it
3. Table
How to create a table — entities a database consists of
Create, read, update, delete
How to create one or multiple records in a table
How to query records from a table
How to update previously created data in a table