SQL is data query language for relational database. SQL is usually used in such areas as backend web development or data science. There are different database management systems implementation, such as:

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

Those implementations has their differences, however most of the SQL is applicable for all of them. We'll go with MySQL implementation since it's free and commonly considered as a easiest SQL implementation to start with.

There are different aspects of database development. There are areas like:

  • How to write SQL queries in a correct and efficient way;
  • How to design databases, what are design principles and best practices;
  • How to configure SQL server properly.

We'll start with the first area so you could learn something practical right away.

To run examples from our tutorials you'll need MySQL server installed. Here is a short instruction on how to Install MySQL server on CentOS 7.

You can also search for MySQL online sandboxes so you don't have to install anything:

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Lesson 2
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Learning plan

1. Introduction
What is SQL and what are we going to learn
What is a database and how to create it
3. Table
How to create a table — entities a database consists of
Create, read, update, delete