A couple of SEO tips


SEO is a vast area of different techniques which requires a standalone set of tutorials. However there are few things you should know about right away.

When your website is displayed on Google, it utilizes title element for a link text and meta description for a text description below.

Title and description

You already know how to put a title into your web page, but meta description is something new. You can put this description into your web page like that:

    <title>My Awesome Web Page</title>
    <meta name="description" content="A description that will appear in the search results." />

Also you should use only one h1 element because it's a most major headline of your web page which should reflect the essense of a page content.

There are some other data which Google could utilize from your site and use it inside a search result snippet, however it's a very different area which we will discuss some later.

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Lesson 2
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Learning plan

What you're going to deal with
HTML elements and the basic document structure
3. A couple of SEO tips
There are a couple of SEO tips you should learn about right away
Pure HTML is boring, so let's add some styles

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